'I didn't want a second child. But I ended up at the IVF clinic anyway.'

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Bust the Overwhelm,
Make the Changes that Matter.

Power up, Lady.

You’re here because:

You find yourself constantly getting in knots about this damn decision you can’t seem to make..
..or perhaps you feel stuck, exhausted and powerless in your life..

and this isn’t the first time..

You want the confidence and sass to stand strong in your power and know what you want.

You want to be more present for your kids, your partner, life in general.

You’re ready to stir up some change and 

make it last.

Here's the thing...

It’s about having a super clear knowledge of WHY you want what you want… and getting the blocks out of the way so you can walk the path YOU choose.

I help my clients to step up and out of the story, and come to a conclusion, so they can get on with living this glorious life. 

Then apply it again and again.

i can show you how

Change-Maker + Sister in Arms

Hi, I’m Maddy Mursa.

I help Intelligent women block out the Should Do’s of the world so they can take action from a position of Power.

Professional Violinist, Bushwalking Addict, Mum of One (by choice), and Sucker for Sweet Potato Chips



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Free-Spirited, Courageous Women not afraid to speak up about the issues that get blocked around the brunch table.

Kind Words

Maddy has the most incredible energy, which you feel the moment you meet her.

— Camilla, Sydney, Australia

She also uses that energy to create beautiful spaces. It’s in these spaces that I’ve gratefully shared, been listened to, and gained new tools. I couldn’t recommend a session with Maddy highly enough.

I feel totally empowered and ready to take on whatever comes up next!

— Sarah, Brisbane, Australia

As a mum juggling multiple responsibilities Maddy has helped me prioritise and, more importantly, given me the confidence, structure and tools to pursue my many goals.

She has opened my eyes to my own personal power and has helped me develop the inner resources I need to excel in my business and personal life.

 Maddy has an innate ability to see blind spots, to challenge with kindness and to facilitate growth with just the right amount of discomfort.


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