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July 19, 2021

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“Loneliness isn’t an absence of company. There is nothing lonelier than being with people who aren’t on your wavelength. The cure for loneliness isn’t more people. The cure for loneliness is being understood”


This holds so much truth.

Ever felt lonely, and gone out and surrounded you by people to try and relieve the feeling?

It’s so easy to pressure ourselves to gather more people around us when we feel lonely.. but so often, you end up sitting in a room full of people feeling even more lonely than you did to begin with.

The vacuum only deepens. And you end up feeling even more alone.

I know I have done this, and felt like that.

The key to unlocking #Loneliness and #Isolation is being seen, heard, and acknowledged by even just one person.

It’s not the physical community that fills us up and wards off loneliness.

What it really takes to ease loneliness is one single other human to truly SEE and HEAR you.. and who takes the time to listen…. like, really listen.

They acknowledge how you feel, and then, rather than hitting you with their advice, or tell you it will all be ok, they look you directly in your big, beautiful eyes and simply say

“I understand you”


“I can only imagine how that must feel for you”

And then, the key question:  “How can I support you right now?”

As I’ve said before, so often, giving advice serves the giver rather than the receiver..

How does this resonate for you as the giver and the receiver of this exchange?

And please, if you’re feeling lonely or isolated, be brave, reach out to someone you can open your heart to.

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