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July 19, 2021

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This image made huge waves when it was first published by @lovewhatmatters . It is both uncomfortable to look at, and empowering to know how much common experience every single Mother shares. The reason why is pretty obvious. It connects every mother everywhere with those moments we’ve ALL had. The ones of the deepest vulnerability, loneliness, despair and “what have I done?”

All despite having this beautiful little thing, that you love in a way you never thought possible, connected to you, suckling, sleeping with their tiny hand curled around your pinky.

Why is this image so very important? It’s not to highlight how difficult motherhood can be at times, but instead it highlights the complete paradox of it- how you can LOVE and feel so very primally connected to your new role, but at the same time want to get in the car and drive far, far away from it all, back to the life you had before.

As mothers, women, sisters, we need to be able to feel SAFE enough to cry out to each other when we’re not ok. To fall in a heap, to share the uncomfortability, the feelings of utter despair and failure and like life will never be controllable again.. All this will happen, it does happen, and it’s completely normal.

The transition into motherhood is the biggest Rite of Passage there is, and we don’t acknowledge it anywhere near enough.

We need to show up and be VULNERABLE with each other, and stop this striving to be the mother we think we should be. We all know her- the white linen wearing, shiny haired, well-slept mother we see photographed everywhere. She doesn’t exist. Maybe just for a second before a meltdown, a poo explosion, a leaky breast. You exist as you are, and that’s the mother your little ones WANT and NEED way more.

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