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Re-Thinking the Meaning of Sorry..

August 6, 2021

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These words popped up today in my feed and i wanted to share them.. 


Because I believe that we, as Women, are conditioned from the time we are little girls to say Sorry more than we ever should, without really realising how powerful that word actually is.. 

..bumping into someone by mistake in the grocery store

..apologising to appease and settle a situation that we know deep down was a two way street

..for being late to preschool/school drop off when the traffic made it impossible

..for having a messy house when friends come by

By using Sorry in these instances, we give our power AWAY, we appease, we please, we play the good little girl who tows the line…

One of my most respected mentors has always said “imagine if you had 10 Sorry’s to offer in your entire lifetime…”

Wow.. it makes you think doesn’t it?! 

As mothers, sisters, daughters.. how can we break the cycle? How can we actively push against our conditioning to make Sorry a word that isn’t a knee-jerk reaction for things that really don’t deserve it? 

How can we hold Sorry as the most powerful display of our vulnerability and courage in those situations when we really have let someone down, hurt someone, betrayed someone.. 

Because we will all do these things in our lifetimes, and that’s ok, if we can learn how to show up in our full vulnerability and our greatest courage.. this is about choosing self-accountability when it actually MATTERS.. accepting and acknowledging that we have made a mistake in our imperfect human-ness, and as we look that person in the eye, we truly see their pain, take ownership for that, and we use one of our 10 Sorry’s…

The added beauty of 10 Sorry’s is that it makes us more likely to watch ourselves so we don’t slip off centre and cause a situation that inflicts hurt or pain in the first place..

How does this resonate for you? How can you rethink the word Sorry in your life? 

I’d love to hear your comments below..

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