I would get so overwhelmed by the fear of doing the 'right thing' or making the 'right' decision that suited as many other people as possible, that I lost sight of the reasons life was calling me to taking action in the first place.

And most importantly, who I was making it for…

Until life delivered to me the biggest and most unavoidable call for change in my life yet.. 

In order to get through it, I had to go deeper than I ever had, into my sense of self-identity my limiting beliefs, and the fears holding me back.

I let go

I stood up

I found in myself

of what I ‘should’ do, and my inner people pleaser.

without the need of validation or advice.

strength SO unbreakable I could count on myself (time and time again).

It changed every single 

 in my life, most of all,
the one with



And it was the single most powerful turning point of my life - one which accessed a sense of freedom i realised could change countless other women’s lives. 

And it’s doing just that. I work with women every day to make Powerful Decisions they believe in with their whole heart.

If this is what you want for yourself, let me show you how. 

Official Bio

Maddy Mursa works with women in supporting and empowering them with the tools they need in order to take the drama out of the stuff that matters in life..

One serious burn-out, and an even more serious re-shuffle of priorities later, she lives in Sydney with her husband, their young daughter, and Honey the dog-wombat.

Purple cabbage








Spiritual bypassing


I'm not about:

Dancing the day off


Vulnerability as the benchmark of courage


Unconditional love


Women lifting up women


Getting up close and personal with accountability, again and again


I believe in:

last word?

(thanks Brene Brown!) 

"Courage over comfort."


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