What if you could deal with that big life decision in...

Deal With It in a Day


JUST. One. Day?

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm, paralysis analysis and the noise to make a call on that damn decision taking up all your mental space. 

So you can get back to

living your life.

Together We:

Eliminate the blocks and fears holding you back so you can clearly see your options.

Define what YOU stand for so you can clearly take control of the next 6 months, year, and beyond.

Craft a blueprint unique to you and your strengths and values in order to continue slam-dunking the right decision again and again in every area of your life.

What if you could: 

Have a crystal clear knowing that you have made a decision that will serve you, and your loved ones in the most positive way possible?  

Wake up in the morning feeling calm, content and present?

Tap into a self-belief so strong it drowned out all the internal and external judgement?

Have someone walk with you as you create a personal agreement with yourself for how life will be from now on?

But you struggle with:

The overwhelm and anxiety of not being able to ‘fix’ this.

The pressure of what you ‘should’ do as opposed to what you ‘want’ to do.

Frustration at the thought you should be able to make this decision on your own without anyone’s help.

The lack of time to do everything you need to get done in the day let alone set aside time for yourself.

No-one to really talk to and feel supported by without the fear they will judge you or tell you their (unwanted) advice.

What if you could learn:

How to make decisions with the confidence you’re making the right one, using a 6 -step framework that works.

How to own your fears, stand up to them, then turn them into distant memories.

How to really truly stand in your power and clearly communicate what YOU need and want.

To feel content, at peace and excited for the future that YOU have chosen.





This opportunity is for you if:

You have a big decision or a major life event happening, and it’s all you can think about.

You’re a Smart, busy woman (and most likely a mother) who gets tripped up in the stress and overwhelm of daily life.

You have a pretty good idea of what you want, but life just seems to be happening despite you, and you want to take back control.

You feel disconnected from your partner and kids because your mind is scattered all over the place.

You are stuck in a story about how you ended up here, and it has nothing to do with you.

You don’t see why you should look a little deeper to understand who you are and why you feel the way you do.

You’re happy taking a backseat in life and letting others decide how your life should run.


This opportunity is        for you if:

Meet Maddy

I am passionate about supporting women in growing their understanding of themselves in order to take action & make powerful decisions that reflect what they need, want and stand for.

I’ve been in the place of decision overwhelm many times through my life.

And after years of learning, working with women and showing up with vulnerability and courage, there’s no need for:
- People pleasing
- ‘Should do’s 
- Another life to get it right if this decision is wrong


This is your opportunity to get it right,      
With someone right there to walk you through it.

Get into the guts of the decision at hand, get friendly with the fears holding you back and find the outcome that get you out of this goddamn funk? 

Which will it be?


You have two options:



Stay in overwhelm, ruminating about all the worst case scenarios, ask 1 billion people what they think, and wait for the answer to how you should live your life present itself?



As far as decisions go...

Apply here

The investment for the VIP day is $1500AUD. 

This can either be made at the time of booking, or in two instalments of $750AUD .

One on confirmation of your booking, and the second one week prior to the VIP Day.

How much does it cost?

We check in the day before for a quick chat so that we can dive straight into it on our scheduled VIP day.

You then have the VIP day itself.

After our VIP day, you’ll have email access to me for an additional 7 days for follow-up questions, cheerleading & sister-in-arms support! 

What does the day include?

Click the button below to apply.

You will be directed to my calendar where you can book a chat with me to qualify whether the VIP day is going to be a good fit for you.

How do I book? 

Virtually via Video chat.

I block out the entire day, and it is split up into scheduled sessions to work through different aspects of your process.

Where is the VIP Day held? 

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